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The new guy

Name: Cloudchaser Benjamin Shaconage (Benjamin is RL middle name)

NickNamez: Cloudy

Height:6'1" not including ears (RL height)

What are these acronymns supposed to mean?

Hair: Mustache & goatee, the rest is shaved

Hair Color: Dark brown

eye color: Same shade of red as fur (brown IRL)

Race: IRL, 8% Cherokee, 12.5% Bohemian, rest is unknown mix of Irish, Scottish, Welsh and German, you decide what race I am.

Main Breed: Red Wolf

Number of Tailz: One

Other Breeds: Rainbow wolf rock star alter ego by the name of Moonbarker Osbourne, the purpose for the outrageous look being for show and so when he's not being a rock star, he can go about freely without getting mobbed by fans

Relationship Status: Single

Yiff Status: Dont Yiff

Sexuality: Totally straight IRL, fursona is sometimes attracted to other males, especially pretty/girly boys

Type of Relationship Looking for: Looking for long term with opposite gender, friendship with both genders

Music: Mostly rock, hard rock & metal, some country, favs include Stryper (new window), Trans-Siberian Orchestra (new window), Nightwish (new window), Weird Al (new window) and Shania Twain (new window)

TV: Mythbusters, Modern Marvels, Funniest Videos, Animal Cops, Tonight Show, Discovery Channel, History Channel, National Geographic Channel, TruTV Channel

Well thats it for now, feel free to e-mail or what ever. Im friendly and dont bite

Model sheet by kalika_tybera under the cut (posting only wit the intention of showing what my fursona looks like)

The model that Kalika used for coloring

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