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Window cling comission

A comission by
of my fursona's alter ego, Moonbarker Osbourne. This is designed to be printed on Staples Clear Window Decals paper.

From Ifus' site
They do not have to be a feral/anthro forms but they can be. As long as it's 2 characters ONLY on one page, with paying $30, you get the window clings as well. This is my basic shading style as well for anyone who was interested in knowing what this was. Instead of the usual print, (if you want a print you have to do that yourself or pay me extra for ink and paper costs) you recieve a window cling sheet for this. Any reprints (for damages or copies) will cost you $5 (includes shipping and handling/paper/ink costs)
ALSO! PLEASE BE AWARE TO KEEP THESE AWAY FROM WATER! I will spray these with Crystal Clear sealant, but I cannot say if it will protect against ALL water. So please be aware of this. ^^;

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