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Getting to know me.

My name is Jonathan. I'm 21 right now. I'll be 22 this july 21st. I'm single and I live with my mom and sister. My most favorite animal is the fox. I love the red fox and the artic fox with its white coat of fur. I'm looking for a girlfriend who is the same age or 2, 3 or 10 years older then me. I would like a girlfriend who likes to dress up as a sexy red fox girl. I love to go places. I love to go for walks. If any girl would to get to know me and maybe be my girlfriend. My email address is johnnyboydragon721@yahoo.com .  If I had a furry suit it would be a white dragon with blue eyes. The cartoon furry girl that I have a major crush on is Carmelita Fox. She is a fox woman police officer. She is on the video game Sly Cooper.

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