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Do you love wild canids?
That's the only simple question, and the simple answer will be "Join!" if the answer is yes.

It truly amazes me that nobody had made a community for these beautiful animals yet here at LJ, so I took myself the honor of making this community, which is a community created just for us lovers of wild canids to get together and talk, discuss, share and just have a good time :)

You may post anything canid-related in this community.
Art, stories, links, pictures, etc... all is accepted here as long as it is wild canid-related.

In this community we all just like when people introduce themselves ;)
It's good and it'll make people more aware of your presence in the community.
Some communities don't like at all when new peeps make their introductions, but here we love it... so don't be afraid to make "OMG I'm new" posts ;D

Also, please let us know about other canid communities :)
We'd love if you'd post and let us know if there are other canid-related communities made or ones already existing that we haven't discovered yet.
If you want to be listed on our info page, drop the administrator or moderator a note or make a post in the community about it and we'll get it up ASAP, as long as the community has to do with canids in at least some way, that is.

We also appreciate if you give us tips about canid pages that's suitable to be linking to on our info page.

Regarding art...

If you're posting artwork you've found somewhere and wan't to show off here but haven't drawn it yourself you'll have to inform us about who drew it.

Not only non-morphic art is accepted here, Anthropomorphic and Were art is all accepted to post here as long as it's something canid-related. Non-canids are allowed to be included in art, as long as they're not in focus.

And remember, if you're posting more than one image you will have to use a LJ-cut

Regarding Photos/Pictures...

You are free to post/show pretty much anything as long as it's canid related, but remember that this is a wild canid community and not a dog community ;)
I'm just saying this because I don't wan't people flooding the place with pictures of their dogs. There is already enough communitys where you can show off your dogs, so post them there instead and everyone will be happy.
An occasional dog photo you really wanted to show is OK, but try to post domestic dog photos as little as possible.

Regarding anything else...

Pretty much as for the pictures, anything is fine as long as it's canid related. You may post art/pictures/stories etc that involves something non-canid as long as it's not in focus.

Also, please spread the word about this community, I know there's tons of people out there that loves wild canids that would make great members here ;)

That's pretty much everything I had to make clear... now...
Please join if you feel for it and have FUN!


Creator: missblackjackal
Moderator: missricadonna

Some links I recommend:
Wild canid survival and research center
Animal Diversity Web's Canid page
Lioncrusher's canid pages
Origin and Evolution of Canidae
Cyber Zoomobile's canid page
Wild Canines of Africa
Wild Canines of Arabia

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